Hello readers,

Thank you for visiting the Privacy Policy page which is created to confirm you that you have chosen a safe place. Our policy follows all the norms and regulations set for the privacy policy.

We gather personal information like name and email address of our registered users. Reviews and browsing behaviours are analysed as well. We collect your personal data for following reasons:

  • Bring improvement in our services
  • Make the browsing experience rich
  • Stay connected with users by sending them updates, events & offers

We promise that the information you have shared with us is not disclosed to third party at any cost. We respect your privacy. Highly efficient and authorized security programs are used to keep the data safe. Only our trusted company members can access them. We may share your data with our partners but only in one condition if they promise to not misuse it. Remember, we don’t sell your personal information.

Cookies & Third Party Links

Yes we use cookies. They are used to understand and analyse the behaviour of browsers. As they click a cookie, it will take them to another site. These sites are not allowed to access our client’s personal data. Third party links are welcomed by us. We have set special rules for them. To learn more on the subject, contact us!

We have tried to keep our privacy policy simple and easy to understand. If you still have any doubt, write us.

Each visitor should know that we have full authority to make changes in the policy but it is done keeping the regulations in mind.

Note: Email alerts are sent to our clients periodically to keep them updated with our offers. If you don’t want to receive these mails, click on unsubscribe button that is flashing on each mail we send.

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