Download Free Outlook PST Password Repair Tool

  • Perform recovery of any size PST files
  • Capable to recover complex to simple password
  • Allow o reset a new password to a PST file
  • Remove old passwords of all locked PST files
  • Perform recovery of data in bulk
  • A Windows based highly interactive app support Windows 8/10/XP/Vista

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Now, it is just a matter of a few clicks to know the password of a protected PST file. The smart utility performs smoothly. It has been designed especially to unlock password protected Personal Storage Table. Using freeware PST Password Recovery is much easy. It doesn’t need any deep technical assistance.

Why & How to Protect PST Files?

Your Personal Storage Table holds a number of important mails, contacts, messages, notes and so on. Protecting them from unauthorized sources is required password protection.

If there are multiple PST files that need to protect, it is important to choose a common password for them to protect. If you have set a strong password of such files, note them safely.

Key Features of Free Outlook Password Repair

Smart Recovery of Protect PST Files

You don’t need to take any third person assistance to recover password protected PST files. The third app is enough to perform recovery as you follow a few simple steps of the app.

A Standalone App

The freeware PST Password Recovery app performs all alone. It doesn’t need help of any third app to perform recovery. You even don’t need installation of MS Outlook .

Support Both ANSI & Unicode

Recovery of any protected PST file is possible. Whether the file format is ANSI or Unicode version, the tool easily recovers data.

User Interactive

This app is user interactive. It is lightweight, download quickly. It needs no special technical help to operate.

Flexibility to Unlock Any Protected PST File

The tool is not going to stop you to perform recovery of locked PST files. You are free to choose any locked Personal Storage file to recover it in no time.

Reset Password

Apart from unlocking a protected PST file, the app is capable to reset password of the file. You can instantly set a new password for the file.

Highly Compatible

The application is compatible with MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2016. It performs recovery of all the protected data.

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