Free Outlook PST Recovery

  • This magnificent app retrieves both ANSI and Unicode version PST files
  • Capable to show preview of the retrieved data
  • Repair without any interruption
  • Repair the entire items of PST files effortlessly
  • Scan and perform recovery of any inaccessible PST file
  • Preserve originality of data by maintaining recovery quality
  • Highly compatible, fit for recovery of PST files of MS Outlook 2003/2007/203/2016
  • A Windows based utility

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Download the freeware to your Windows based system. It works smoothly, recovers PST file data in no time. The tool recovers the entire folders of PST. The free Outlook PST repair app is easy to operate, need less technical assistance.

How Does A PST File Get Corruption?

  • A PST file gets corruption when the data limit is exceeded for Unicode the limit is up to 20 GB and for ANSI the limit is up to 2GB
  • A PST file corrupts when viruses inflict your system

Key Features of Free OST Recovery

Make Retrieving Data So Easy & Affordable

As the tool is free, you don’t need to pay anything to install and retrieve data. Installation of the app is so easy. It consumes less data and retrieving process is easy to follow. It saves your money by letting you recover the data on your own.

Recover Soft Deleted Items

The sophisticated free Outlook PST Repair tool has capacity to recover the soft deleted items that have still present in the trash folder. It effortlessly retrieves the data back.

Recover Data from Trash Folder

In case you have accidently deleted a folder of an OST file and now looking forward to get it back, use the app! It is an advanced app that helps restoring OST files.

Provide Preview

The application displays preview of the PST file data. It shows preview to let you ensure about the quality of the retrieved files.

Repair Entire Data of MS Outlook

Recovery is performed for entire folders in a Personal Storage Table file. It recovers, mails, attachments, calendars, contacts, messages and all the folders hold by an MS Outlook file.

Repairing of All Sized PST Files

No matter you have selected a PST file of ANSI version or Unicode, the sophisticated app has capacity to repair all sized PST files without putting any effort.

Recover Protected Outlook Files

This advance app has capacity to perform recovery of even those PST files that have been protected with a unique password. It doesn’t ask you to provide password of the protected data.

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