Split Outlook PST Free of Cost

  • Splitting any desirable PST file from the system
  • Capable to split only healthy MS Outlook files
  • Support high quality split feature
  • Split data without any error
  • Perform division of PST files in different ways
  • Split as per size, year and folder
  • Users can feel free to pick any desirable option to divide PST
  • Capable to perform scanning quickly
  • A reliable freeware PST split app

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This is free yet advance split program for MS Outlook for Windows users. The app supports smooth split job by splitting desirable PST files. It works without any error and support different ways to split data. Install the freeware Split PST app to get desirable split. It works fast, easy to operate and technically smooth.

Why Split PST Files?

Splitting of PST files help avoid the risks associated with big sized PST files like corruption and inaccessibility

Split PST allows you to separate unwanted content from a PST file

Split PST Key Advantages of Using the Freeware

Split PST with Fast Speed & Full Accuracy

This superb app takes just a few seconds to split a PST file. No matter how big a PST file size, split process is fast. No data is mismanaged. It just splits Personal Storage Table by maintaining its originality.

Split by Year

In this feature, the freeware split PST program is capable to split PST files by year. Choose the start year and end year to split data such as 2006 to 2008. In this case, the file will be divided into 2 parts.

Split Any Desirable PST File

This app works on both Unicode and ANSI version PST files. You are free to choose any PST file. The tool is capable to scan any accessible PST files. It has deep file filter feature to access a particular PST file.

Split by Folder

This is one of the coolest features of the utility. It allows splitting of MS Outlook files according to folder of your choice. Pick inbox, calendar, outbox, contact, journal or notes to split from a PST file. The tool swiftly divides the particular folder from a PST file.

Split Data by Size

The cool app supports division of PST files as per size basis. You are free to choose any size. It could be of MB or GB. Choose the desirable size number to split data.

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